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“If a thing is well done it’s impossible that it will be wrong” That’s what Ana Barberán said when she began the adventure of build her own dental clinic. She knew that with hard and well done work, people would know her at last. She learned many things from Dr. Álvarez, an experimented stomatologist, like to have a sixth sense to get the diagnosis, to work without pain, to make specific treatments for each patient. But, especially, she learned to pay attention to each thing to get it right. The success keys of her dental clinic are simple: to recover values ​​such as trust, quality and familiarity. What Ana Barberán likes most about her job is the people, she likes to dedicate all attention to them, she likes they trust her. For that reason, it’s not uncommon to find many complete families in her about 3,000 patients. “Here comes many people who bring yourself many people, they come first and then comes the sister, the children, the husband, the aunt … and they don’t come here to see Dr. Barberan, they come to see Ana.” Welcome home!


We have treatments based on hyaluronic acid that decrease the unsightly perioral wrinkles, which is commonly known as “barcode” of the upper lip or expression wrinkles that appear around the mouth. In our clinic, we smooth and give volume to the lips, becoming young and improving the facial profile.

Dental health is for everyone


It is better known as TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder. These are problems from joints and muscles of mastication caused mainly by the effects of a bad bite or by the stress on the joint structures. It is the classic “teeth creak” that can be easily corrected using devices of nocturnal use.

Oral surgery involves the removal of teeth that, for some reason, may be causing pain or infection. It also includes the attachment of dental pieces (implants), a correct placement of prostheses and the treatment of precancerous lesions. Oral surgery not only eliminates pain and infection, it also helps the patient to improve masticatory function.

Endodontics prevents and treats diseases of the dental pulp and associated tissues caused by deep dental caries. The goal is to repair to avoid loss of the pieces. When we are sure that the injury is irreversible, the pulp and damaged tissues are removed and will be replaced by compatible inert materials in order to avoid future infections.

In our clinic we know how important it’s to show well oral health habits from very early ages. Hence we treat and, more importantly, we train children and parents in habits to prevent the most common causes of dental disease. Any alteration in baby teeth can affect definitive teeth.

In our clinic we want see your smile again and we want you to feel happy. Therefore, in addition to treating oral health problems, Dr. Ana Barberán has special care in the smile esthetics. To achieve this purpose she applies all his knowledge and all the available techniques from orthodontics and dental prosthesis through implants or tooth whitening.

Tartrectomy or oral hygiene is used to remove dental tartar, bacterial plaque and spots from the surface of the teeth. Good oral hygiene is essential to prevent and treat periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. In our clinic we review dental pieces and gingival health to establish a personalized dental prevention program.

Implants are prostheses that replace natural dental pieces, which lost for some reason. These prostheses are placed in the maxillary or mandibular bone occupying the hole of natural piece and restoring the masticatory, phonetic and esthetic functions of the lost piece. They can be of different sizes and materials but we only use the highest quality.

Removing cavities in time is the best way to preserve teeth. And that is the goal of conservative dentistry: prevent to avoid a root canal or, worse, an extraction. Thanks to it, it’s possible to treat cavities in all its stages by removing damaged or infected tissue and reconstructing it with help of compatible biomaterials, such as an obturation or a filling.

In our clinic we know how important it’s to show well oral health habits from very early ages. Hence we treat and, more importantly, we train children and parents in habits to prevent the most common causes of dental disease. Any alteration in baby teeth can affect definitive teeth.

With orthodontics we correct possible alterations in the development and shape of the dental arches and the jaw position. From the correct study and diagnosis of each case we elaborate the appropriate treatment to restore the morphological and functional mouth balance, improving dental esthetics. We use the most advanced techniques to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Periodontics corrects and treats infectious diseases that affect the functionality and esthetics of the gingiva and the surrounding tooth tissues. Its main cause is bacterial plaque, a consequence of poor oral hygiene and the previous stage of the well-known dental tartar. With a diagnosis in time and a suitable oral treatment it’s possible to correct it and to finish with derived problems, such as halitosis.

Prostheses are used to replace teeth that have been lost for some reason (cavities, trauma, gum disease). The prostheses can be removable or fixed, and in the last case they will be cemented. They can replace one, two, three teeth or the whole mouth. In our clinic we study each case to design the best solution for each patient.

Let us take care of you

LauraDental Assistant
Professional, close and full of energy. Laura is our last member and an ideal complement to Dr. Barberán’s team.
Enthusiasm and passion for her work are her best cover letter. Ana believes in well done work, in human warmth, in patient-physician confidence and in quality over quantity.
CristinaAdministrative Assistant
Attentive, kind and professional are some of the qualifications that Cristina deserves. She will receive you and take you in the prior steps to your dental treatment. Count on her to solve your doubts.


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